Ask yourself the below listed questions!!  If you can answer "YES" to at least one of the questions below then you could have big system problems.  Answering “Yes” to more than one mean that you need to get help now!! 

MbPC can provide the professional diagnostics that will flush out these problems and allow our fast friendly repair

  • Is your PC acting sluggish?
  • Are strange windows inexplicably popping up on your screen?
  • Do you have to reboot your computer because of errors and lockups?
  • Do you get strange error messages?
  • Does your mouse move without assistance?
  • Is bootup and shut down very slow?
  • Are programs slow to open, or freeze?
  • Do you have viruses or spyware?
  • Is your internet connection slow?

Our computer checkup and diagnostics can help detect and fix many common computer problems! Our full PC tune-up should be your first stop to get the computer help you need.

MbPC will provide Advanced Diagnostic With Repair (diagnostic, cleaning, virus/spyware removal, OS repair, optimization, software updates) Extensive diagnosis to discover the cause of crashes, lockups, unusual slowness or internet problems. Includes software repair, viruses and spyware removal and physical cleaning. Optimize to enjoy faster computer speed and better performance.

What do our tests do!

Our tests check out your PC looking for security risks, Windows configuration issues, or performance problems. The test uses a small ActiveX utility that  load before starting the testing.

The full check-up does all this: measures disk fragmentation; checks available system resources; analyzes device drivers; benchmarks the CPU, memory, video, disk, and Internet connection; looks for viruses and spyware in running software; and checks for common security problems. The analysis doesn't change any settings on your PC, and you'll be able to review our advice before making any changes.

Once the tests are complete, you'll get a detailed report with our advice, plus an inventory of the PC's hardware and software setup.

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