Comprehensive Computer Repair for Home & Office

Computer and Network Support, Service, Maintenance and Repair that comes to you anytime you need it day or night. Having a person you can call when your system is mis-behaving is priceless.

Common Problems We Can Address Quickly

Viruses, SpyWare, AdWare, MalWare, Data Recovery, Data Backup and Storage, Slow Responding Systems, Printing Problems, Network and Data Transfers, Hardware Failures, etc.....

Did You Know
Our Techs Can...
  • Every PC will have at least 1 problem  per year
  • 39% have at least 1 component failure each year
  • 41% of problems are never resolved causing more problems
  • Majority of computers have programs  running in the background utilizing un-  necessary system resources
  • Support all makes and models of PC's, Servers, Networking equipment
  • Support all Microsoft Operating  Systems
  • Support all major and minor software  programs
  • Provide you with the service that you  need to get you back up and running.
  • Contact us today at or Call us below

    Atlanta Area 770-713-3558

    St. Petersburg Area 727-365-5794

    Chicagoland Area 773-972-1163


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